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Kirsten & Mark

It's around this time of year when wedding photographers will do their year in pictures, a round up of all the weddings they have documented throughout the last 12 months. It's safe to say this year those blog posts will be looking somewhat different, if even blogged at all. This year has been one like no other, and in this industry it's been catastrophic... BUT in the lows of the year there has been some shiny little gems, some wee glimpses of light and Kirtsen & Marks wedding was just that. Their wedding in early October was my one wedding that went ahead on it's original date, and my second of the year, and it was just perfect. The ceremony took place in the hills near Swanston Village in Edinburgh, in a small clearing where there is a beautiful stone bench that is very special to the family and made the perfect backdrop for their small gathering. After the I Do's, a very cute reading from Marks nephew, an appearance from a rainbow, some fizz and a few bumpy golf cart rides down the hill it was on to The Secret Herb Garden for dinner where they had the place exclusively to themselves in the twinkly greenhouse.

For all those who have had to change their plans then change them again, adapt them or even cancel them all together the day will eventually be here and IT WILL BE GREAT! No matter what way you decide to do it.

Thank you so much to Mark & Kirsten for allowing me to be one of your select numbers and capture your day for you! x

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